Riding a motorcycle between lanes is legal in California (lane splitting)

If you drive a car or truck in California, please read the following:

Lane splitting (motorcycles driving in the space between traffic lanes on public roads and freeways) is legal in the state of California. CHP recently stated very clearly that —just as it is expected from motorcyclists to lane-split responsibly— drivers of cars and trucks have responsibilities too. It’s illegal to intentionally block or impede a motorcyclist from lane splitting, including by opening a vehicle door. CHP also says that vehicles in the far-left lane should move to the left part of the lane so motorcycles have room to pass on their right safely.

Lane Splitting in California

The new CHP guidelines also include the following tips:
  • Check mirrors and blind spots, especially before changing lanes or turning...

The 3 ingredients

The 3 ingredients for a safe, successful motorcycle rider are:

1. Situational AWARENESS to know where trouble is.

2. Good JUDGEMENT to stay away from trouble.

3. Sharp SKILLS to get out of trouble when 1 or 2 fail.

Proper motorcycle training is like wearing a helmet

Proper motorcycle training is like wearing a helmet. You can ride for 40 years without one and make a case that you've never needed it.
Until you do.
But by then it's too late to make that decision.

Maximum braking on a motorcycle

Practicing quick stops for emergency situations

Whether you have an ABS-equipped motorcycle or not, it's always a good idea to practice quick stops regularly on your bike to keep your skills sharp in case you need them during an emergency situation.

Front brake

Think about your front brake lever as a large lemon — to get all the juice out of your lemon you don't crush it but you squeeze it firmly and progressively. If, by the time you're fully stopped, you feel there is still juice in the lemon, it means you didn't squeeze your lever hard enough through the end.

Find a safe place to practice and try to achieve max-squeeze quicker each time...

The cookie is right

Be wise, get trained, ride safe.

- Ofir